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Sinclair Gordon

  • AGE: 32
  • HOMETOWN: Berlin, Germany
  • CAR CHASSIS: 07 Nissan 240sx
  • ENGINE: RB25 (Nissan Skyline)
  • INSTAGRAM:@feedmyfast

When did you get into racing?
I got into racing back in 1991, I was about 6 years old. I grew up in Germany, and that was Michael Schumacher’s first race. I remember the entire country shutting down. Literally, all channels were broadcasting the race. I remember hearing the screaming motors as they did their laps and seeing how fast they were going. I was hooked, started watching GT racing, Rally, anything that had a motor and dreamed of being out there one day.

Who do you consider your biggest rival in racing?
Me lol. I race for myself and against myself no matter who is lined up next to me. I’m always pushing myself to be better and faster than the last race. Even if I win a race against someone, if I didn’t beat my personal best, I consider that a loss. The opposite is also true, if I lose, yeah it will suck but if it’s a personal best I know I gave it my all. You can’t win every race, but you gotta have fun either way.

Who or what would be your dream race?
For digs my dream race would be Big Chief, I know I would probably lose, but I always wanted to see my car lined up next to his. For roll racing it would have to be Smokey Nagata, watching all those crazy top speed videos in his Supra hypnotized me. Both are racing purest and would be an honor to go head to head with them.

Talk about your build:
I bought the chassis about 8 years ago as a fully gutted rolling chassis. The car was literally a pile of rolling metal, no front clip, no interior, no harness, nothing. Initially, the car was supposed to be a drift bucket but as the years went by it turned into a street car. It has taken years to get every bolt, nut screw, and part onto the car. I believe in building something right the first time around so I bought parts that would enable my ultimate goal. The car always had an RB25 and added power as I became more comfortable. In its current state, the motor is fully built (cams, valve train, pistons, rods, crank, etc) running a Borg Warner S366 making 661 WHP and controlled by AEM electronics (ECU, gauges, and cluster). There are currently 3 fuel pumps feeding the motor (ID 2000’s) through a -10 AN line, 1 in-tank to supply the fuel surge tank with 2 submerged Bosch 044’s.To offset the weight of the motor it has carbon fiber fenders and hood. It’s running on JIC Magic coils (soon to be replaced), a Wilwood big brake to help me stop and Varrstoen wheels (9.5 front, 10.5 rear). Interior is mostly from a donor car I bought which exception of the carbon door panels, Recaro SR3 and steering wheel.

What would be your dream build?
1000 WHP Midnight purple R34 Skyline

Dig racing vs. roll racing. Thoughts?
Any race lol. My car isn’t built for dig racing, but I want to get to that level at one point. Dig racing puts a lot of stress on the car and breaks a lot of parts. Roll racing is less stressful on the car but has its own set of problems. My problem right now is getting into full boost by the time the light turns green while being aligned with my opponent. Most of my races I don’t get into full boost until 1/8 mile, so I’m chasing/ reeling in cars.

What do you want to get out of the IRRA?
Non-drama racing, everyone runs their car and has fun in the competition (We win, we lose, We laugh). Gain more experience and keep pushing forward.

If you walked outside and found $10 million, what would you do?
Spending a maximum of 5 million to pay off my parents house, buy some land and build my dream home (and garage). The rest would be invested so my family and I wouldn’t need to worry about money ever again.

If I was a genie and could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be? (no asking for more wishes)
I would want the power to fulfill my own wishes


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